What is Project Access?

Project Access was created by a group of physicians in Buncombe County, North Carolina. They came together out of necessity to solve an increasing problem: a lack of a comprehensive system of coordinated health care delivery for the uninsured. These physicians developed a model for a “clinic without walls” that recruits and coordinates donated specialty care from physicians, hospitals, labs and other resources.

Why is Project Access Important for Northeast Tennessee?

In Tennessee, the uninsured rate has started to rise again. The uninsured have a far-reaching impact on communities, businesses, and the health care industry. The cost of caring for the uninsured will fall most broadly on the community as a whole. With rising costs of health care, individuals are less likely to seek preventative care and rely on emergency rooms when their illness has progressed too far. And the cycle continues.

Project Access offers a way to break that cycle and help individuals and communities to be healthier. With a strong network of providers in place, strict program guidelines for patients, and a requirement that patients have a primary care provider, Project Access effectively lessens the negative impact of the uninsured in Northeast Tennessee. Patients are receiving the education, support, and health care that they so desperately need creating more resilient individuals and communities.
An individual’s health can affect us all.

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How Does Project Access Work?

Project Access receives direct referrals from providers, hospitals, health departments, community clinics, and faith-based centers for patients who are uninsured and have specialty care needs. Our care coordination and case management is multifaceted. We provide a single point of contact for both patients and all of the providers involved in their care. This streamlines the process, allowing providers to conserve resources on every level- time, money, and manpower. Patients benefit because their needs are being met and they are an active participant in their well-being.

Project Access Model

The Project Access Model