We are grateful for your help in serving the people in our community. Whether it is money, time, or energy, we know how to make the most of what you donate. Thank you again for partnering with us to make our community healthier.

Volunteers are always needed!

AMPA has a variety of needs that range from general office work such as mailing letters and filing papers to language interpretation. Please contact our Director of Operations if you would like to help!

Patient Supplies

Project Access accepts donations of travel size toiletries and paper products for our patients that have those needs. Contact our Site Coordinator or Administrative Team Lead if you have items that you would like to donate.

Medical Equipment Needs

AMPA will accept gently used medical equipment or left-over medical supplies on a limited basis. Please contact our Site Coordinator for more information.

Thank you for looking for ways to support AMPA.

Return on Investment

For every $1 donate, Project Access turns that into $23 of donated care.

That means for every $35 donation AMPA can turn that into an Ultrasound; for every $130 donation AMPA can turn that into a CT Scan and for a $217 donation, AMPA can provide an MRI.